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Directors of Durban-Based Call Center Companies Arrested for Alleged R248m Bank Fraud



Two directors of Durban-based call centre companies, Blue Debit and Talent Base, have been arrested for allegedly siphoning approximately R248 million from unsuspecting bank clients of FNBSA, Absa South Africa, and RMBCIB. The suspects, Jason Foster and Richard Marsden were part of a syndicate that created R99 unauthorized debit orders disguised as legitimate debit orders to transfer funds from customers’ bank accounts as reported by the twitter account CrimeInSA.

The unauthorized transactions went unnoticed by the banks and customers for some time, allowing the syndicate to withdraw large amounts of money undetected.

The arrest of the directors is a significant step in dismantling the syndicate and holding those responsible for the fraudulent activities accountable for their actions.

Photo: Facebook / @IRS Forensic Investigations