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Early Morning Earth Tremor Felt in Johannesburg South



In the early hours of Monday, residents of Johannesburg South experienced an earth tremor, recorded by Gauteng Weather at 2:27 am. The tremor, which had a reported magnitude of 2.6, is yet to be confirmed by geologists.

Frequent Tremors in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is no stranger to minor earth tremors, which occur periodically. Just this past Saturday night, another tremor was felt, impacting areas such as Roodepoort and Soweto. Despite the frequency of these tremors, they are generally minor and cause little to no damage.

Current Tremor Details

  • Time of Occurrence: 2:27 am
  • Magnitude: 2.6 (reported by Gauteng Weather)
  • Affected Areas: Johannesburg South, with no reports of injuries

Safety and Preparedness

While no injuries have been reported from the recent tremors, it is essential for residents to remain aware and prepared for such natural occurrences. Basic safety measures include:

  • Securing heavy furniture and items to prevent them from toppling
  • Having an emergency kit ready with essentials such as water, food, and medical supplies
  • Knowing safe spots in the home to take cover, such as under sturdy tables or against interior walls


The recent earth tremor in Johannesburg South is a reminder of the region’s seismic activity. Although minor, these tremors underline the importance of preparedness and awareness. Residents are encouraged to stay informed through reliable sources such as Gauteng Weather and geological reports to ensure their safety.

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