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Tragedy Strikes as Woman Executed While Boarding Bus to Work



In a chilling incident that has shocked the Fleurhof community, a Johannesburg woman was executed while boarding a Metro bus to work on Wednesday morning. The woman, who reportedly worked for Nedbank in Sunninghill, was shot and killed in a brutal attack around 6 am.

The victim’s husband rushed to the scene, where several media crews, police, and community members had gathered. The City of Joburg’s Metro bus, the site of the tragic incident, remained parked as investigators worked to piece together the events.

The Attack

Witnesses reported that the gunman had boarded the bus at an earlier stop. As the bus approached the station where the woman boarded, the gunman cocked his handgun. He initially fired shots at her as she was boarding, then chased her as she tried to flee, ultimately shooting her fatally after she fell to the ground.

Official Statements

Councillor Kenny Kunene, MMC for Roads and Transport in Joburg, expressed his belief that the murder was a premeditated hit on the bank employee.

“We just had a conversation with the driver and those who were on the bus. This is a clear hit. The lady was targeted. We are aware that she works at Nedbank. We spoke to the family, the husband,” Kunene told broadcaster Newzroom Afrika.


Kunene detailed the chilling sequence of events: “The shooter got onto the bus in Extension 5 at a bus station. He was on the bus. When the bus got here, before it could reach the station where the people were, the driver heard somebody cocking a gun.”

A Calculated Hit

The gunman was seated behind the driver, near the bus entrance. “When the driver heard somebody cocking a gun, he stopped the bus immediately to see if this person is taking him. He also looked at the camera and saw the passenger (shooter). As the passengers approached the bus, the lady was in front. As she tried to get onto the bus, the guy held the gun with two hands and started shooting,” Kunene explained.

As the passengers, including the victim, ran away, the gunman continued his pursuit. “While the lady (the Nedbank employee) was down, the shooter then hit her with two shots. He did not shoot the other woman,” Kunene added, emphasizing that the woman was clearly targeted.

Kunene suggested that criminal syndicates might be involved, pressuring bank employees to comply with illicit demands. He noted that the victim’s husband had mentioned she saw suspicious individuals at the bus station on Tuesday.

Escape and Investigation

After the shooting, the gunman escaped in a white Volkswagen Polo. Kunene suspects the shooter had scouted the victim’s routine in the days leading up to the attack.


The Metro bus driver, fearing the return of the VW Polo, managed to relocate the passengers before bringing the bus back to the crime scene.

Community Reaction

The murder has left the community in shock and raised concerns about safety in public transportation. Authorities are continuing their investigation to apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.


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