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A Historic Landmark Reduced to Ashes



A Historic Landmark Reduced to Ashes

On Monday afternoon, a devastating fire consumed the historic windmill at Windmill Park in Springs, marking the end of an era for this beloved landmark that had graced the town since the 1960s. Tragically, it appears that the fire may have been intentionally set in an attempt to remove a homeless individual who had sought shelter within the windmill.

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The windmill, constructed primarily of wood, quickly succumbed to the flames, reducing the entire structure to ashes. Prompt response from a local security company’s patrollers, who alerted emergency services, helped contain the blaze. The fire department arrived swiftly to manage the situation.

It’s worth noting that the windmill had previously undergone restoration efforts in 2012, thanks to the collaborative support of various corporate and private sponsors. This unfortunate incident leaves a void in the community and serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by homeless individuals in our society.

Source: WATCH: Famous landmark meets a fiery end


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Photo: Supplied by Springs Advertiser

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