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Boksburg Police Investigate Possible Bike Hijacking Syndicate



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Concerns are growing in Boksburg over a spike in delivery motorcycle hijackings. Local law enforcement will probe the possibility of a bike hijacking syndicate operating in the area.

Delivery motorcyclists have reported increasingly violent hijackings during which they are robbed not only of their motorcycles but also of personal items such as cell phones and cash.

Some of these riders suspect that the perpetrators may be individuals with insider knowledge of the industry. In response to the rising threat, some have ceased nighttime deliveries due to safety concerns.

One delivery driver, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared his harrowing experience of being assaulted by a gang of four criminals who hijacked his motorcycle while delivering in Primrose. They not only stole his bike but also his cell phone. Such incidents have left delivery drivers fearing for their safety and livelihoods.

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It’s believed that these criminals might be operating within the industry, hijacking motorcycles to resell to other delivery drivers. There are also suspicions that individuals with knowledge of the business may be involved in orchestrating some of these crimes.

The Boksburg South African Police Service (SAPS) has reported at least nine motorcycle hijackings during August and September. The targeted motorcycles are predominantly Checkers Sixty60 and Mr Delivery bikes, with hotspots including Plantation, Farrar Park, and Freeway Park.

Authorities actively investigate these cases, often involving multiple suspects and violent confrontations with victims. The Boksburg SAPS has urged vigilance and caution among delivery drivers in the affected areas as they work to uncover the full extent of this bike hijacking syndicate’s activities.

Source: Boksburg police probe possible ‘bike hijacking’ syndicate

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