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Boity Thulo, grandmother: doppelgangers?



Boity Thulo, a well-known South African television personality and rapper, is usually the center of attention whenever she’s in the news. However, this time it was her grandmother who stole the spotlight as reported by African Insider.

Boity recently took to Instagram to wish her grandmother a happy birthday, and the post quickly went viral.

Not only do Boity and her grandmother look incredibly similar, but many people were also amazed at how youthful and energetic Boity’s grandmother appeared. In the video, which Boity shared on her Instagram account, her grandmother can be seen breaking it down on the dance floor and showing off her impressive moves. Her body and her dance moves were definitely not that of a typical elderly woman.

Boity’s message to her grandmother was heartfelt and touching. She called her grandmother “the most glorious, most phenomenal woman I have ever known,” and expressed her gratitude for being able to call her grandmother her own. Boity also wished her grandmother many more years of health and happiness, and thanked her for being an inspiration to her and others.

The post quickly went viral, and many people commented on how amazing and youthful Boity’s grandmother looked. The video of her dancing was especially popular, with many people commenting on her energy and grace. Overall, it was a heartwarming and inspiring story that brought joy to many people’s lives.


Photo: Instagram / @boity

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