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Caster Semenya’s Landmark Victory for Equality in Athletics



Caster Semenya

According to her lawyer, Gregory Nott, Caster Semenya’s triumph at the European Court for Human Rights stands as a remarkable testament to her unwavering determination.

The court ruled in her favour, acknowledging that she had endured discrimination through the regulations in track and field, which mandated the reduction of her natural hormone levels to participate in major competitions as reported by 947.

During an interview with Robert Marawa on #MSW, Nott revealed Semenya’s absolute delight with the court’s decision.

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“We have always maintained that nobody’s rights should be violated, and throughout this arduous process, the law and institutions failed to support her,” expressed Gregory Nott, Caster Semenya’s lawyer.


Nott further commended Semenya for her resilience and leadership, emphasising that no one should be subjected to invasive measures against their body under any circumstance, a cause that Semenya has passionately championed.

Looking ahead, Nott outlined that there are still necessary steps to be taken to enable Semenya’s participation in competitions.

“Our journey continues. World Athletics has introduced even more stringent regulations that we will have to examine closely. As for the upcoming Olympics next year, we are exerting every effort within our means to make it possible. When I spoke to her this morning, her voice resonated with determination, and her unwavering desire to compete at the highest level remains intact,” Nott affirmed.

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Photo: Facebook / @Caster Mokgadi Semenya

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