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Johannesburg Rattled by 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake



Johannesburg Rattled by 5.0 Magnitude Earthquake

In a nerve-wracking incident early Sunday morning, a 5.0 magnitude earthquake rippled through Johannesburg, as reported by News 24.

The tremors, originating from a depth of roughly ten kilometres, or six miles, beneath the Earth’s surface, were felt throughout other parts of the Gauteng province.

At approximately 2:38 AM local time, Johannesburg residents were abruptly shaken awake by the seismic activity and rushed to social media to share their experiences. Images of minor structural damage, including cracked walls, were evident in many posts.


This isn’t the first instance of seismic activity in the region. A 5.3 magnitude earthquake jolted Johannesburg’s neighbouring gold-mining town in August 2014. However, it’s worth noting that the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in South Africa was a staggering 6.3-magnitude tremor, which rattled the Western Cape in 1969.

As authorities continue their assessments, we still have to see the extent of damage this early morning shake-up inflicted on Johannesburg’s infrastructure.

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