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Employment and Labour Minister Warns Job Seekers of Scams



Employment and Labour Minister

Job seekers in South Africa have received a crucial warning from Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi to remain vigilant against unscrupulous employers who advertise fake “employment opportunities” on social media platforms. Minister Nxesi delivered this message during his address at the Jobs Fair and Employer session held in Johannesburg’s NASREC on Thursday, July 6 as reported by Business Tech.

The session focused on addressing labour market issues, including growth prospects that can generate employment opportunities, while also clarifying strategic policy matters to enhance job creation. Minister Nxesi officially launched the Jobs Fair initiative and the Public Employment Services (PES) buses as part of the event. These initiatives aim to provide work seekers with opportunities to connect with potential employers, organisations, and departments that can assist in finding employment or learning opportunities.

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Minister Nxesi strongly cautioned job seekers during his keynote address about fraudulent employers who deceptively advertise “employment opportunities” using his name, the Department of Employment and Labour, or their respective images. He reminded attendees that labour laws prohibit agencies from charging job seekers any fees for employment. Minister Nxesi urged individuals to refrain from giving their hard-earned money to these dishonest entities, emphasising the importance of reporting such unscrupulous agencies to labour inspectors and the police for the benefit of all.

Furthermore, Minister Nxesi encouraged job seekers not to underestimate certain job opportunities, highlighting that accepting entry-level positions can lead to discovering new talents and skills. He advised individuals to utilise labour centres where they can seek guidance from employment practitioners, counsellors, mentors, and trusted individuals who can support them throughout their job search journey.


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In addition to the launch of the Jobs Fair initiative, the Department of Employment and Labour celebrated the introduction of 14 mobile buses for its Public Employment Services unit. These buses, funded by the European Union, will be distributed across all provinces in South Africa. Minister Nxesi stressed the importance of these vehicles in reaching out to rural and urban communities that face challenges accessing Employment and Labour Centres. Recognising the vast geographical expanse of provinces such as Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Northern Cape, and Mpumalanga, Minister Nxesi acknowledged the need for more buses to engage and support young people effectively.

The Jobs Fair will continue until Friday, July 7. It will include the launch of two Employment Centres in Johannesburg and Germiston, providing additional opportunities for job seekers to connect with potential employers and access support services.

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