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GDE’s Placement Progress Update for Next Year



GDE's Placement Progress Update for Next Year

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), under the leadership of MEC Matome Chiloane, has provided important guidance for parents and guardians of students entering grades one and eight in the upcoming academic year of 2024.

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Parents are encouraged to make their own decisions regarding placement offers for their children. They can either accept the offers for the schools they have chosen or opt for acceptance while looking for additional offers.

As of September 7, approximately 141,000 applicants have accepted their placement offers. However, there is cause for concern as nearly 72,000 parents have yet to respond to these offers. This delay in response affects the progress of placements, as the reserved spaces remain unavailable for other applicants from the same school until the seven-day acceptance period elapses.

Parents are presented with two choices once placement offers are issued: they can either accept the offers as final or choose to accept them provisionally while awaiting potential additional offers within seven days.


It’s crucial to note that offers not accepted within this seven-day window will result in auto-placement at the school with the nearest placement offer in proximity to the parent’s home address.

For parents with incomplete applications lacking necessary documents or valid proof of residence, an opportunity to select a school with available space will be available starting December 11. This offers flexibility for those still in the process of completing their applications.

Source: GDE announces placement progress for next year

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