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Joint venture companies and owners of the Hammanskraal Water Project revealed



CMS Water Engineering

Recently on Twitter, information came out regarding the Hammanskraal Water Project. CrimeInSA identified three Joint Venture companies as responsible for the project, along with their respective owners. CMS Water Engineering, owned by Rudolf Schoeman, NJR Projects, owned by Jeffrey Ramahlaleroa, Kamohelo Lekhanya, and Mokhure Maila, and Blackhead Consulting, owned by Edwin Sodi, are at the centre of this significant undertaking.

It is worth noting that CMS Water Engineering has faced previous allegations of tender fraud related to the Bospoort Water Treatment works in Rustenburg, raising concerns about their involvement in the Hammanskraal Water Project. Furthermore, there have been claims that Jerry Ramahlaleroa, one of the owners of NJR Projects, served as a director alongside Edwin Sodi at Group 5. Finally, NJR Projects has been associated with the incomplete Rustenburg Rapid Transport (RRT) initiative, which has faced delays and challenges. The RRT construction commenced in 2009, with an anticipated operation date set for 2015.

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These revelations raise questions about the track records and capabilities of the Joint Venture companies involved in the Hammanskraal Water Project. As stakeholders and the public closely monitor the progress of this crucial water initiative, there will be scrutiny on the performance and adherence to timelines to ensure the successful completion and delivery of safe and reliable water infrastructure to the Hammanskraal community.

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