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JMPD Demands Cleanliness from Informal Traders



In its effort to restore the inner city of Johannesburg to its former glory, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has taken action against informal traders who are not keeping their trading areas clean as reported by the South African. Recently, JMPD Director Jaca was seen in the streets of De Villiers, between Wanderers and Rissik Streets in the JHB CBD, urging informal traders to maintain the cleanliness of their business area.

The JMPD’s action aligns with the by-laws of the City of Joburg, which requires informal traders to keep their trading areas clean and sanitary, dispose of litter in designated refuse receptacles, and prevent pollution from their activities.

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The rules also require traders to move their property upon request by an authorized official to clean or provide municipal services.

While the crackdown has been met with mixed reactions, the JMPD insists that enforcing the rules is necessary to achieve the goal of reviving the inner city.


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Photo: Facebook / @Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department – JMPD

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