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Johannesburg Lawyer Returns to Court in Case of Woman Set Ablaze in Car



Johannesburg lawyer will be back in court

The Johannesburg lawyer will be back in court today for the murder and burning of his girlfriend, Mahlaku Malebo Rabalao. He will be in court today as he applies for bail.

The 30-year-old suspect stands accused of killing Rabalao, the mother of his child, in March. Rabalao, 27 years old, worked as an IT specialist in Centurion. Police received reports of her disappearance on March 7. They found her body inside her burnt car a bit later that day.

The accused was arrested in KwaZulu-Natal on July 28 following the Randburg Magistrate’s Court issuing a warrant of arrest.

On August 7, the legal team representing the suspect recused themselves from the case, which postponed his formal bail application to today.

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Rabalao’s grieving family expressed shock at the boyfriend’s arrest. Initially, they learned of her death from him, as he was the first to receive news of her demise from the police. Speaking anonymously to the Midrand Reporter, the family member revealed their astonishment and confusion over the unfolding events. The family member shared, “We never thought he could be linked to Mahlako’s death. The man was helping us look for her and assured us that he would go to all her friends and her workplace to find out where she was.”

Following Rabalao’s death, the suspect posted heartfelt messages and photos of their family on social media platforms, illustrating their deep bond.

Source: Woman set alight in car: Johannesburg lawyer back in court

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Picture: Facebook / Blessings Ramoba

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