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Energetic Media Personality Expands Horizons in 2024



Kriya Gangiah extends her horizons for 2024

In the dynamic world of media and entrepreneurship, Kriya Gangiah, the vivacious TV host and renowned Formula One podcast creator, is set to broaden her horizons in 2024. Beyond her role in bringing the glamour of motor racing closer to fans through her podcast, F1: Track This, Gangiah is preparing to make her mark in the business world as a nail salon entrepreneur. The journey promises to be a real challenge that resonates with her love for blending various talents and skills.

Gangiah, an alumna of Pretoria High School for Girls, burst into the TV industry as a presenter on eTV’s Craze-E, showcasing her prowess in connecting with audiences. Her journey into the world of Formula One reporting has been a testament to her passion for the sport, offering fans a comprehensive look at the glitz, glamour, and behind-the-scenes action. Notably, her F1 podcast serves a specific goal: making the complex world of Formula One accessible to all motorsport enthusiasts.

With a bachelor’s degree in information science and multimedia from Tukkies, Gangiah’s love for Formula One was cultivated during Sunday viewings with her father. This passion eventually led her to become a prominent sports presenter, participating in live broadcasts on SuperSport and sharing her insights on the Breakfast Extra Show on Jacaranda FM.

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Beyond the media landscape, Gangiah is not a stranger to the entrepreneurial realm. Already the digital marketing business owner, she is gearing up to open a nail salon in Pretoria, showcasing her versatility and business acumen.


However, Gangiah’s pursuits extend beyond business. A staunch supporter of animal charities, she actively contributes to causes close to her heart. An annual event named Bark in the Park, organised by Gangiah, aims to raise funds for a Pretoria-based charity, underlining her commitment to social issues.

In addition to her professional ventures, Gangiah embraces her love for driving, often embarking on weekend getaways with her dogs. Having achieved provincial and national colours for water polo, she exemplifies her skill in sports alongside her culinary talents. Gangiah enjoys cooking, and her recent Diwali festivities featured a unique fusion of South African and Indian flavours in the form of burfee lamingtons.

As this multi-faceted media personality continues to navigate various aspects of her life, she exemplifies the notion that creativity knows no bounds, finding expression in every facet of her journey.

Source: Bubbly media personality extends her horizons in 2024

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