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Lesego Boya: From Shy Introvert to Inspirational Pageant Phenomenon



Lesego Boya

Lesego Boya, a 25-year-old aspiring economist and philanthropist, has emerged as a rising star in pageantry. Despite her initial struggles with low self-esteem and shyness, Boya ventured into modelling at the age of 14, using it as an escape and a means to enhance her communication skills.

Boya’s journey gained momentum when she participated in the Miss Inspire South Africa pageant, representing Gauteng and winning the prestigious Miss Butterfly Award. Encouraged by others who recognised her beauty and potential, Boya challenged herself and broke free from her introverted nature.

Although the modelling industry presented its fair share of obstacles, including difficulty securing support and funds for her pageant endeavours, Boya remains undeterred. She views her experience in modelling as a remarkable opportunity to transform herself and become the best version of whom she aspires to be—a relatable role model for others.

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Beyond the glitz and glamour, Boya has embraced numerous opportunities to collaborate with brands and expand her profile as a model. These endeavours have also facilitated her involvement in various community services, a cause close to her heart.


In addition to her modelling pursuits, Boya actively engages in community development initiatives, mentors others, and coordinates pageants. Her dedication and passion extend beyond the runway as she strives to make a positive impact on those around her.

Currently holding the title of first runner-up of Miss Limpopo Province, Boya’s words of affirmation resonate with her journey: “If you weren’t capable, the opportunity wouldn’t have come your way. So, YOU BELONG.”

Lesego Boya’s story inspires us, reminding us that with determination and self-belief, we can overcome personal challenges and become catalysts for change in our communities.

Source: Lesego Boya shares her pageant journey

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Photo: Supplied by Midrand Reporter

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