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Little Library Targeted by Thieves



Small Library Targeted by Thieves

Marié Minnie, the founder of Minnie’s Rocks at the corner of Sixth and Ugie streets in Northmead, expresses deep dismay as The Little Library on Sixth Street falls victim to looting. The community initiative, established to spread kindness rocks and foster a love for reading, involved placing an unused fridge on the pavement to create the suburb’s first community library.

Initially intended to house children’s and parenting books on the top shelf and adult novels on the bottom, the Little Library garnered support from the community. Members were encouraged to borrow from the collection or contribute their own books. However, on November 14, during the family’s routine check, they discovered that all the books had been removed from the fridge.

Reviewing CCTV footage revealed that a litter picker had emptied the fridge, placing every book into his cart. While Minnie expresses disappointment, she remains resilient and is already procuring more preloved books for the library. Acknowledging the need for enhanced security measures, she hopes the community will once again contribute to rebuilding the collection, particularly with children’s books.

Minnie, passionate about instilling a love for reading in children, emphasises the joy derived from creating a space where reading materials are readily accessible. Despite the setback, she invites community members willing to contribute to reaching out, fostering a collective effort to revive and secure the Little Library. Those interested in contributing can contact Minnie at 083 511 9172.

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