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Mams Water Reservoir Overflow Results in Severe Damage



Mamelodi R3 reservoir overflows

The overflowing Mamelodi R3 reservoir has caused significant damage, particularly impacting the Mabusela family home in the Dube Street area of Mamelodi East. This incident occurred on a Sunday morning. Patrick Mabusela (58) described the distressing scene when he heard running water in his yard, initially mistaking it for rain. Upon investigation, he discovered the nearby reservoir overflowing, with water cascading down the mountain into his property.

Mabusela’s quick thinking led him to dig a trench to divert the water from his house and garage. However, the flooding still caused substantial damage, washing away his home’s front and back perimeter walls. He believes that the ongoing overflow may be due to illegal water connections in the reservoir or a lack of maintenance, as has occurred before.

He explained that the situation worsened after a land invasion near the reservoir, causing the overflow to change direction towards his house. In the past, it had flowed in the opposite direction. Mabusela expressed his frustration, highlighting the need for the Tshwane metro to address the problem permanently.

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Local councillors were made aware of the situation. However, the ongoing municipal strike limited their ability to act. They promised to involve the relevant authorities to inspect the reservoir. Mabusela, who recently invested in a new front perimeter wall destroyed by the overflow, demanded answers about who would take responsibility for the damages.


This incident echoes a similar disaster experienced by another family in the same area in 2018. They blamed the metro for the catastrophe and were still awaiting compensation at the time of reporting.

Concerned residents have also raised issues about safety at Mamelodi Reservoir 4, citing vandalism that has led to water contamination. They reported stolen metal lids covering the reservoir, exposing drinking water to contaminants. Vandalism at the reservoir has persisted for over a decade, with concerns about a lack of access control, missing valves, and other security issues.

Tshwane metro spokesperson Lindela Mashigo confirmed that the Mamelodi R3 reservoir overflowed on September 10 and had been attended to. However, residents are calling for long-term solutions to prevent such incidents and ensure safe drinking water for the community.

Source: Mams water reservoir overflows, causes serious damage

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