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News Johannesburg Surgical Hospital Causes Issues for Residents



News Johannesburg Surgical Hospital Causes Issues for Residents

The new Johannesburg Surgical Hospital has become a source of frustration for residents due to noisy after-hours construction, prompting video and soundbite recordings shared among community members on platforms like WhatsApp.

Arnold Meyer, a resident of Lily Avenue and others on Waugh Avenue, has experienced the brunt of the construction’s effects, particularly the disturbances caused by after-hours and weekend work. He voices his disappointment at the need for more direct communication and updates from the hospital to the local community during the construction phase, leaving them feeling unheard and disregarded.

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In response to the residents’ concerns, Hospital Manager Alex Daneel acknowledges the disruptions caused by the construction and expresses the hospital’s commitment to minimising inconveniences. Measures are being taken to ensure construction is carried out with utmost sensitivity to the surrounding area. The hospital sincerely apologises to neighbours and the community for any disturbance caused, especially during the evenings.

The hospital has secured extended working hours from local authorities to expedite the construction process.


Some of the construction work is part of the Northcliff Medical Complex, aimed at accommodating the hospital’s extensive parking needs.

Despite the current challenges, Neil Ferguson, a resident, recognises the hospital’s value as a meaningful asset to the area, appreciating its high-quality investment compared to other commercial developments. He believes it will attract valuable customers, benefit other businesses in the vicinity, and contribute to a well-maintained area.

Ward 88 Councillor Nicolene Jonker shares her positive outlook on the hospital, acknowledging the concerns raised by the community but expressing anticipation for the facility’s prestigious presence in the area.

The hospital is scheduled to open its doors to the public in September, providing a potential resolution to the construction-related disturbances.

Source: New hospital causes headaches for neighbouring residents


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