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Organisations Rally Together to Make a Difference on Mandela Day



Mandela Day

In a remarkable display of compassion and generosity on Mandela Day, the Upper Room Rehabilitation Centre, New Redruth Village Pick n Pay, and Bowmans joined forces to impact the lives of approximately 300 individuals in need positively.

A heartwarming scene unfolded on July 13 at Ligstad as numerous people gathered, their hands filled with donations of meals, blankets, and toiletries. The act of giving was accompanied by prayers and messages of hope delivered through preaching the gospel.

1AfricaRadioTV, the digital online partner of the Upper Room Rehabilitation Centre, played a vital role in this endeavour by live-streaming the event, utilising its mass communication platform to reach a wider audience and spread the message of compassion.

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Shane Botha, representing New Redruth Village Pick n Pay, expressed gratitude for being invited by Pastor Ian Naidoo to participate in the drive and contribute to the well-being of the beneficiaries. He explained that the organisers had compiled a list of essential items, including toiletry gift bags for around 250 individuals. Botha and his team eagerly embraced the challenge, aligning it with the significance of Mandela Day and the ongoing birthday celebrations of Pick n Pay.


Elaborating on the contents of the gift bags, Botha shared, “The bags contain a body wash, a roll-on, body lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste.” He reiterated the belief that “doing good is good business,” emphasising the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Botha extended his gratitude to AJ Powell (AMKA Brands), Vaughan Pierce (Pick n Pay Sustainability), Karin Ashley, Anwoor Mooideen, Lorraine Rahube, and Magdeline Matlala (national customer service Pick n Pay) for their contributions and support.

Ari Chipkin of Bowmans revealed the firm’s longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility and pro bono initiatives, expressing their dedication to giving back to the community. In this spirit, Bowmans donated 90 blankets and focused on collaborating with charities that address homelessness and hunger, aiming to combat these pressing issues through active involvement.

Pastor Ian Naidoo, representing the Upper Room Rehabilitation Centre, expressed heartfelt appreciation to all the sponsors and volunteers for extending assistance to those in need. He emphasised the significance of their collective efforts, which enabled hosting their inaugural Mandela Day drive. He encouraged everyone to stay tuned for upcoming fundraising events organised by the centre.

One of the beneficiaries, Tinus Nel, expressed deep gratitude, stating, “It felt good knowing someone cares about us, and we’re happy to receive the blankets, especially because of the cold.”


The collaborative efforts of these organisations on Mandela Day have brought warmth, comfort, and hope to the lives of those in need, exemplifying the enduring legacy of Nelson Mandela and the spirit of compassion that continues to inspire.

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Photo: Supplied by the Southern Courier

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