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Gauteng Unemployed Flock to Orlando Stadium for Job Offers



Orlando Stadium

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi’s ‘Nasi Ispan’ labour initiative attracts large crowds of unemployed individuals to Orlando Stadium in Gauteng, South Africa. The initiative aims to create job opportunities for the youth and unemployed population in the region as reported by Swisherpost. Images and videos on social media show hopeful applicants flooding the stadium to collect appointment letters for solar panel technician jobs.

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During a recent press conference, Premier Lesufi announced 1,000 new job opportunities as part of the initiative. Interested individuals have until July 31, 2023, to submit their applications.

The Premier highlights the importance of action in providing tangible work opportunities through the Nasi iSpani initiative. The demand is evident, as over a million applications were received for the initially advertised 8,000 posts.

Age restrictions caused concerns among older unemployed individuals who felt excluded. Premier Lesufi clarifies that while support is for all ages, empowering the youth to secure their future is a priority. He emphasises addressing societal challenges by providing young people with meaningful work opportunities to prevent issues like alcohol and drug abuse and gender-based violence.


Lesufi assures applicants that the selection process will be transparent, based on merit, skills, experience, and qualifications, without any political favouritism. The initiative aims to treat all applicants equally, regardless of their political affiliations.

Premier Lesufi reaffirms his commitment to creating job opportunities for everyone, dispelling rumours about political influence in hiring decisions and stating that more opportunities without age restrictions will be forthcoming.

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Photo: Twitter / @EWN Reporter

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