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Pothole Patrol Takes a New Direction



Pothole Patrol

Discovery Insure and Avis Southern Africa have joined forces to support the Discovery Pothole Patrol in Johannesburg, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference for South African road users.

This collaboration aims to identify and repair potholes on major roads in the city, building upon the initial launch of the Pothole Patrol in May 2021. The initiative was introduced to address the pothole issues in Johannesburg, supporting the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and the City of Johannesburg.

JRA Acting CEO Zweli Nyathi expressed appreciation for the extended partnership, emphasising its role in enhancing the safety and mobility of road users. The partnership enables the depots to benefit from the Discovery Pothole Patrol, facilitating reactive maintenance across the extensive road network.

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According to the JRA, the impact of pothole damage on South Africa is a cause for concern, with an estimated monthly cost to South Africans of approximately R500 million. Pothole Patrol has significantly impacted by repairing nearly 175,000 potholes and road defects throughout Johannesburg. Discovery Insure’s data reveals a remarkable 26% decrease in pothole-related claims in Johannesburg since the initiative’s launch from May 2021 to December 2021. In contrast, the rest of Gauteng experienced a 45% increase in such claims over the same period.


Since its inception, the Pothole Patrol initiative has achieved notable milestones, including approximately 13,000 downloads of the Pothole Patrol app and the reporting of 58,000 potholes through the app. In the process, 7,000 tons of asphalt have been utilised to fill 175,000 potholes.

The Discovery Pothole Patrol will now operate seven days a week, focusing its efforts on major roads in Johannesburg that are known to have potholes and those reported via the Pothole Patrol app. Furthermore, the team of technicians will collaborate with local authorities to identify and repair potholes in areas that are not routinely monitored.

To facilitate the repair process, reporting potholes becomes crucial. While Discovery Insure’s telematics data allows them to pinpoint potholes accurately through their clients, community input is invaluable for identifying additional road defects.

To further contribute to the cause, individuals are encouraged to report potholes using the Discovery Pothole Patrol App. Downloadable from the IOS app store and Google Play, the app enables users to register and easily report potholes encountered on the roads, allowing for a collective effort to make a positive difference.

By engaging in this collaborative partnership and utilising the Discovery Pothole Patrol App, road users have the power to play an active role in identifying and repairing potholes, ensuring safer journeys for all.


Source: Pothole Patrol shifts gears

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