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SASSA Advises on Alternative Payment Methods



SASSA Advises on Alternative Payment Methods

Sassa aims to ensure its beneficiaries are aware of alternative methods for receiving their social grants.

According to Nandi Mosia, Sassa Gauteng spokesperson, beneficiaries can use their existing personal bank accounts or open new ones with their preferred banks if they don’t already have one.

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To facilitate this, clients should bring their ID, proof from the bank confirming that the account is in their name, and complete a form from SASSA consenting to their social grant money being paid into their personal bank account. This form should also contain the client’s active contact details.

Mosia advises clients not to destroy their old cards until the new account receives the payment for the coming month. However, any remaining funds in the old card should be withdrawn.


Clients requesting a change of payment method from another province should be aware that this process requires transferring their details from one province to another, which may cause delays. Providing the correct contact details is essential if the client’s initial grant application was not made in Gauteng.

October Payment Dates:

  • October 3: Old-age grants
  • October 4: Disability grants
  • October 5: Children’s grants

Sassa reminds clients that social grants have increased as of October 1, including adjustments to various grant categories:

  • Old age grant: Increased to R2,090 for recipients aged 60-74, and R2,110 for recipients over 75.
  • Disability grant: Increased to R2,090.
  • Child support grant: Increased to R510.
  • Child support grant top-up: Remains at R250.
  • Foster child grant: Increased to R1,130.
  • Care dependency grant: Increased to R2,090.
  • War veterans grant: Increased to R2,110.
  • Grant-In-Aid: Increased to R510.

Sassa also apologised for any inconvenience experienced during the previous payment cycle.

Source: Sassa: Note alternative forms of payments

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