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Crackdown on Unlicensed E-Hailing Operators: Gauteng Targets Small Yellow Taxis



small yellow taxis impounded

In a recent crackdown, Gauteng Traffic Police seized 29 small yellow taxis used for e-hailing services without the requisite operating licenses.

According to Jacaranda FM, the impoundment of these cars occurred over several days, from Friday through Tuesday. Social media has been abuzz with images of these diminutive yellow vehicles, employed by various e-hailing and food delivery services, often seen navigating the streets.

Most of these unauthorised taxis operated within the Johannesburg CBD and in neighbourhoods such as Braamfontein, Westbury, and Noordgesig.

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According to Sello Maremane, spokesperson for the Gauteng Traffic Police, many drivers chose to abandon their vehicles and flee the scene when confronted by law enforcement officers.


Citing the National Land Transport Act, Maremane emphasised that offering public transport services without the necessary operating licenses is prohibited. He urged operators to ensure they possess valid licenses before providing transportation services.

Maremane further emphasised the potential dangers associated with unauthorised taxi operations, including the risk of taxi conflicts that can lead to tragic loss of life. The authorities call on vehicle owners to act responsibly and adhere to the regulations to maintain road safety and order.

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