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BRICS Opens Doors for South Africa’s Evolution and Opportunities



South Africa International Industrial Expo

The anticipation is building as the prestigious press conference gears up to equip media and journalists with crucial insights into the upcoming South Africa International Industrial Expo. This significant event will unfold at the Sandton Convention Centre from August 31 to September 1.

Presented in collaboration with the Gauteng Economic Development Department, the China Golden Bridge Group orchestrated the South Africa International Industrial Expo and China (South Africa) International Trade Expo press conference. This informative gathering unfolded at the Maslow Hotel on August 21, serving as a precursor to the main event.

The platform saw a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Steve Zhou, Golden Bridge Expo South Africa’s deputy general manager, who warmly welcomed the attendees. Other key figures who took the stage included Bulumko Nelana, the deputy director general for the Gauteng Department Of Economic Development; Niel Pollock, the vice-president of the South Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Cumisa Majavu, the information officer at Small Enterprise Development Agency; Volchere Kgekwane, the CEO of the National Black Business Caucus; and Oratile Segakweng, the business development manager at The Platinum Incubator.

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Nelana underscored the significance of this expo, emphasising the potential it holds for fostering connections between township-based SMMEs and small businesses in Gauteng with their counterparts in China. He stressed that this partnership could initially pave the way for retail and services opportunities, with a long-term vision of fostering manufacturing collaborations. Nelana highlighted the importance of manufacturing as a catalyst for job creation, skill development, technology transfer, and sustainable economic growth.


Pollock took the podium to shed light on the pivotal role of journalists within these partnership spaces. He likened journalism to a powerful tool that can either sow the seeds of growth or erect barriers. Stressing the importance of framing questions in ways that resonate with the audience, Pollock drew parallels between journalism and nurturing a forest ecosystem.

Majavu provided valuable context about her department’s involvement with China Golden Bridge. She underlined how this collaboration aims to open doors for clients to access foreign markets, establish ecosystems with international businesses, expand their networking avenues, and explore possibilities for distributing products in global markets.

Kgekwane encapsulated the opportunities presented to South Africa and Africa through networks forged by BRICS partnerships. He highlighted that trade between South Africa and China is essential for economic growth, mutual learning, and innovation. Kgekwane urged a paradigm shift in how Africa is perceived, moving away from a position of aid recipients to active participants in global economic collaborations.

Source: With BRICS comes opportunities for South Africa to evolve!

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