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Spur Restaurants Unveil a Fresh Look with a Bold New Logo



Spur is getting a new look

Spur is getting a new look to enhance the dining experience for its patrons. According to YMZ, this exciting transformation was unveiled at the Spur in Vaal Mall, Vanderbijlpark, this past weekend, setting the stage for a broader revamp rollout.

One of the standout changes involves the brand’s iconic figurehead, the chief, receiving a contemporary makeover. The chief now boasts an eye-catching, stylised appearance, complemented by a sleek and more prominent logo typeface.

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The pilot restaurant at Vaal Mall, showcasing this rejuvenated aesthetic, introduces several captivating elements. It features a central dining area, comfortable booth seating, and updated decor, collectively crafting a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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An adult-focused area is being introduced to cater to adult guests seeking intimate dining experiences. Meanwhile, children of the Secret Tribe can anticipate an enriched playtime at the revamped play area, which promises a unique immersive adventure theme.

Vuyo Henda, the Chief Marketing Officer for the Spur Corporation, remarked, “Spur has always celebrated family by being welcoming, generous, inclusive, and a place for celebration. The brand is now bolder, brighter, and more adventurous, offering more features, greater comfort with a space that is designed to reflect the vibrance and diversity of South African families.” With these exciting changes, Spur Steak Ranches aims to continue being a cherished destination for families across South Africa.

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Picture: Facebook / Vaal Mall


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