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Discover Thrilling Additions at the Mall at Newmarket



Discover Thrilling Additions at the Mall at Newmarket

The countdown is nearly over, and come September 28th, you’ll have even more to explore at the mall. A significant expansion of 2,320 square meters is underway, introducing a range of new options for shoppers:

  • Woolworths Edit (383m²)
  • UNIQ (452m²)
  • A larger Mr Price Clothing (481m²)
  • Milky Lane (76m²)
  • Pick n Pay Clothing (relocating to the newly expanded section, 610m²)
  • Sheet Street (190m²)

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Additionally, Milady’s (246m²) will join the mix in December, taking over the current Pick n Pay store.

But that’s not all! While exploring, you’ve probably noticed that Mugg & Bean is undergoing a transformation and will reveal its brand-new look on September 28th. Other stores getting a fresh new appearance include Panarotti’s and Vodacom.

In 2023, the mall welcomed two new additions to the family: Ackerman’s Connect and Telkom.

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Improvements extend beyond just new stores; bathrooms and courts also receive updates, including modifications to the two side entrances, all contributing to the mall’s modern appearance. And to minimize shopper inconvenience, much of the work inside the mall is happening during nighttime hours.

Relief is on the horizon for those who often find parking a bit challenging. Additional parking spaces are set to be available by the end of April next year.

Marli Prinsloo, the marketing manager, expressed the mall’s enthusiasm for becoming a comprehensive one-stop shopping destination, striving to make shopping as convenient as possible for all its valued customers. Exciting times lie ahead!

Source: Exciting new stores at Mall at Newmarket

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Photo: Supplied by Alberton Record

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