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Inside The Mommy Club: A Glamorous Reality Series



The Mommy Club

Experience the glamorous lives of five extraordinary moms in the reality series, The Mommy Club, now streaming on Showmax with new episodes every Tuesday. Delve into the exclusive world of the one percent as you witness their empire-building and the devoted individuals who contribute to their success and raise their heirs as reported by SA People News.

In an interview, breakout star Mpumi Mops, also known as Mrs Mops from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, expressed her initial hesitation about doing another reality TV show. However, she felt a strong connection to The Mommy Club, considering it a positive and epic experience. Supported by her family, Mpumi believes the show aligns with her beliefs and values.

Business owner Ratile Mabitsela, a former Miss Tembisa, shared how filming the show positively impacted her home life. Prior to the show, she was a hands-on mom, but the experience allowed her husband to step up and contribute significantly. Ratile expresses her gratitude for his newfound involvement.

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Hermajesty, another cast member, wants audiences to see the human side of the glamorous moms. Acknowledging that everyone makes mistakes, she hopes to portray the relatable aspect of their lives. Imperfections and the journey of figuring out life are integral parts of their narratives.


Ms Manche, a fashion luxury girl and entrepreneur, believes in giving her children everything she can, drawing from her upbringing. Having experienced a time when her parents could not afford to provide everything, she is determined to give her children the best for as long as she can.

New mom Nunurai shared an extravagant celebration she organised for her baby’s first birthday, costing a staggering R250,000. The event exemplified the occasion’s significance and her desire to create a memorable experience.

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The Mommy Club is the second Showmax reality show by POP24, following the success of This Body Works For Me. The show’s creator and executive producer, Zinzi Velelo, conceived the concept after becoming a mother in 2020. She was inspired by glamorous women on social media who seemed to have it all figured out. Recognisings the importance of support, Zinzi highlights the role of exceptional childcare that helps these moms maintain balance in their lives.

The Mommy Club offers an engaging glimpse into the lives of remarkable moms, captivating viewers and sparking conversations. It underscores the notion that even the seemingly perfect have their struggles, and the journey of motherhood requires a supportive community.


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