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Gauteng Health Reports 10 Malaria-Related Deaths and Over 1,000 Cases from January to September



malaria cases in Gauteng

There have been 1,000 reports of malaria cases in Gauteng from January to September 2023. 10 of them resulted in death.

EWN reports that many victims went to countries where malaria is a problem. These nations are Mozambique, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Angola. They are part of the malaria-endemic regions within the SADC.

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Motalatale Modiba, a spokesperson for the department, explained, “Our facilities reported over 1,000 malaria cases and 10 deaths from January to September 2023, as a result of the life-threatening disease spread to humans through mosquitos in endemic areas. Gauteng is a non-endemic area. However, we still need to intensify awareness on how to prevent and manage the disease.”

The increase in malaria cases in Gauteng is due to late detection and a lack of awareness. Many people have travelled between Gauteng and SADC countries, as well as regions where malaria is prevalent. The department emphasises the importance of ongoing awareness campaigns to educate the public about malaria prevention and management.


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