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Pretoria Cyclist Hospitalised in ICU After Robbery Stabbing



Pretoria cyclist is in the ICU after stabbing

A Pretoria cyclist is in the ICU after being stabbed during a robbery. In a harrowing incident, a 57-year-old cyclist from Midstream Estate, Freddy Strydom, now finds himself in the ICU after a brutal stabbing during a robbery.

Strydom was out cycling with a group of 12 fellow riders when, on Saturday morning, three criminals ambushed him between the R21 and M18 in Centurion. Rene Le Grange, Strydom’s daughter, recounted that the assailants not only knocked her father off his bicycle but also stabbed him before making off with the prized possession. The other cyclists, alerted by Strydom’s screams, quickly turned back to discover him on the ground, severely injured. They witnessed the three culprits fleeing into the nearby bushes with the stolen bicycle.

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Due to the remote location of the attack, an ambulance struggled to reach them. However, one of the cyclists returned with his bakkie to transport Strydom to the hospital, a critical lifesaving effort. Strydom sustained an eight cm laceration on his mid-back, next to his spine, caused by a substantial homemade blade. He is currently in the ICU and stable condition. A drainage pipe has been connected to help alleviate internal bleeding, and he is undergoing surgery to repair the damage.

Le Grange shared that her mother flew back from Cape Town to care for her husband after his discharge from the hospital. The surgeon attending to Strydom disclosed that he was incredibly fortunate to be alive as the blade narrowly missed his main aorta artery by a mere two millimetres. The family remains concerned and anxious about his recovery from these internal injuries, especially given his age. The shocking incident has left the entire family traumatised.


Le Grange also revealed that her father’s attack was the second of the morning, as another victim was also reportedly attacked and had his bicycle stolen in the same area.

Source: Pretoria cyclist in ICU after stabbing during robbery

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