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Johannesburg Water Collaborates With JMPD to Ensure Safe Water Delivery



Johannesburg Water

Johannesburg Water has partnered with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) to ensure safe water delivery in Soweto during a planned 58-hour water shutdown.

Commencing at 7 pm on Tuesday and concluding at 5 am on Friday, this outage serves the purpose of upgrading and replacing outdated critical infrastructure, thereby reducing the occurrence of unplanned infrastructure breakdowns as reported by the Times Live.

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To mitigate the impact on residents, stationary water tankers have been strategically placed throughout the city, including Sandton, Randburg, Soweto, Langlaagte, Roodepoort, and Southdale.

“JMPD is providing vital security support to the Soweto depot, enabling the safe delivery of water to Soweto communities,” announced Johannesburg Water.


In an effort to maintain the water supply for essential services, Johannesburg Water appeals to residents not to approach critical sites such as hospitals and clinics for water, as this significantly diminishes the water availability for these vital facilities.

Johannesburg Water urges residents to exercise consideration when collecting water from the tankers, emphasising the importance of preserving water for those who are most in need.

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Ensuring the effectiveness of the shutdown measures, Mayor Kabelo Gwamanda and Jack Sekwaila, the MMC for the environment and infrastructure services department, conducted oversight visits to guarantee alternative water supply arrangements for critical areas.

Residents in higher-lying areas will experience a more prolonged outage as the network gradually recovers.


The planned work, commencing at 7 pm, will result in a 50% reduction in the water supply to the Rand Water Daleside booster station for eight hours. Upon completion, a full water supply recovery is estimated to take an additional 24 hours. At the Zwartkopjes booster station, there will be a 40% reduction in water supply for 24 hours, while the Eikenhof booster station will experience a 24% reduction for the entire 58-hour duration, according to Johannesburg Water.

Most areas in Sandton remain unaffected by the shutdown; however, a portion of Sandton supplied from the Dunkeld reservoir will be impacted.

By providing these details, Johannesburg Water aims to keep residents informed about the shutdown, its objectives, and the measures being taken to ensure the safe delivery of water to affected areas.


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