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Shocking Scandal Uncovered: Official Caught Red-Handed Earning Two Salaries Simultaneously



An official has received two salaries

An official has received two salaries, one from the National Department of Water and Sanitation and the other from a North West municipality.

According to the Department, the official received the director position in April last year but allegedly did not resign from the Moses Kotane municipality outside Rustenburg.

According to TimesLIVE, the Hawks arrested the official on Monday.

The Department only learned of the situation when the municipality inquired in September last year, asking about the official’s employment status.

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“Subsequently, a formal investigation was conducted by the Department’s chief directorate: internal audit, wherein it was confirmed that the official was indeed double dipping, as she was dually employed by both the Department and the municipality,” is what the statement revealed.


“During this time, she continued to receive an income from both entities for six months.

“The investigation revealed that she was able to achieve this by submitting applications to the municipality for leave of absence in the form of sick, vacation and study leave to justify her continued absence from the municipality while rendering full-time services to the Department.”

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The Department stated it then set disciplinary proceedings in motion after an inspection.

“Pursuant to several attempts to unsuccessfully delay the disciplinary proceedings, the official eventually pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and dishonesty. The Chairperson’s report on sanction is now being finalised,” the Department stated.

The Department and the municipality reported the matter to the police. In addition, the Department shared the supporting evidence and investigation report.
“The Department upholds its stance of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and welcomes the arrest as a sign of the government’s commitment to fighting fraud and corruption,” it said.


“This swift action should be construed as a grave general deterrent to all other officials within the public service, as well as those members of the public who interact with public service departments and entities, that contravention of any laws will be met with rigorous consequences.”

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Picture: Tima Miroshnichenko

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