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Road Damage Caused by Potholes in Saulsville




Residents in Saulsville are expressing frustration over the deplorable condition of Masupa Street caused by potholes. Masupa Street is riddled with potholes causing significant traffic problems during peak hours. According to resident Rose Mokgele, the number and depth of the potholes make it challenging to drive on this main road. Which is situated near a cricket facility and hostels as reported by Enews.

Mokgele, who contacted the metro regarding this issue in April, was disappointed by the lack of response. After involving her local ward councillor, the metro dispatched workers in late May to address the problem. Unfortunately, Mokgele claims that the work carried out was insufficient, as the road was damaged again. This resulted in even more potholes and exacerbating the traffic issues during peak hours.

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Mokgele’s later attempts to prompt the metro to take further action have encountered obstacles. But, the metro spokesperson, Lindela Mashigo, attributed the ongoing road damage to nearby informal carwashes rather than blocked drains or channels. Mashigo stated that a maintenance team had been deployed in May 2023 but clarified that the road’s deterioration was due to the continuous water flow from the neighbouring carwash.

To resolve the situation, Mashigo asserted that the carwash must either halt its operations or relocate. The metro intends to prioritise repairs as soon as they secure hot asphalt. It remains unclear whether any law enforcement actions will be taken against the informal carwashers.


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In unrelated news, Rand Water has announced its intention to sue Tshwane for water debt.

Frustrated residents are contending with the dire state of Masupa Street, plagued by numerous potholes that impede traffic flow, particularly during peak hours. Despite initial attempts by the metro to address the issue, the repairs were inadequate, resulting in further road damage. Residents like Mokgele continue to face hurdles in their pursuit of a resolution. The metro attributes the ongoing damage to water flow from nearby carwashes and suggests that either ceasing operations or relocation is necessary. Repair efforts are expected to commence once hot asphalt becomes available, while the potential for law enforcement action against the carwashers remains uncertain.

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