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BRICS Summit to Close Joburg Roads for a Week



BRICS Summit to Close Joburg Roads for a Week

South Africa is gearing up to host the 15th BRICS Summit next week, and as a consequence, there will be notable implications for roads in proximity to the Sandton Convention Centre situated in Johannesburg as reported by the SA People.

The BRICS Summit is scheduled to unfold within the premises of the Sandton Convention Centre, spanning from the 22nd to the 24th of August.

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An intrinsic aspect of this preparatory phase involves the management of road access and vehicular movement in the vicinity of the summit. In this context, the following roads have been earmarked for temporary closure to facilitate the smooth execution of the event:

  • Maude Street: A one-way traffic arrangement will be implemented, restricted to the stretch from 5th Street to West Street.
  • West Street: The lanes adjacent to the convention centre shall remain closed, while the lanes on the opposite side will continue to accommodate traffic.
  • Alice Lane: Similarly, the lanes closest to the convention centre will be inaccessible, while the lanes farther from the venue will remain open for regular traffic flow.
  • 5th Street: Analogously, the lanes proximate to the convention centre will observe closure, while the lanes distanced from the venue will remain accessible for vehicular movement.

Anticipating the logistical challenges posed by these road closures during the BRICS Summit, the Gauteng Police Board Initiative has issued a prudent advisory to motorists. The guidance underscores the importance of vigilance regarding the altered routes and encourages the active pursuit of real-time traffic updates when navigating in the vicinity of the Sandton Convention Centre.

Concurrently, it is noteworthy that the event’s security demands necessitate a heightened presence of law enforcement personnel. The Gauteng Police Board has expounded that this is in alignment with the nature of such gatherings. As a preemptive measure, it is anticipated that a substantial security presence will envelop the Sandton Central Business District throughout the entirety of the summit.


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