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Lesufi Aims to Regulate and Refine Liquor Industry



Thobile Magerman with Premier Panyaza Lesufi and Tasneem Motara, the MEC for Economic Development after signing the pledge

Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi embarked on a significant visit to Alra Park in Nigel on August 15, commemorating the occasion of the Gauteng Liquor Pledge signing ceremony.

The essence of this pledge resonates with the Gauteng province’s profound commitment to fostering collaboration with the liquor industry and its associated stakeholders. Its overarching goal is to ensure a framework of lawful and conscientious liquor trading practices.

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A diverse assembly of stakeholders, representing entities such as the Gauteng Liquor Board, SAPS, NPOs, business organisations, and community members, collectively convened to partake in the unfolding of this momentous event.

Cleo Bodibe-Lushaba, who occupies the role of Director of Client Relations Management within the Gauteng Liquor Board under the aegis of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development, encapsulated the significance of the pledge. She articulated, “The signing of the pledge entails an eagerly anticipated commitment from all actors within the liquor realm to align with the provisions of the Gauteng Liquor Act. This commitment spans the entire spectrum of operations, from trading to distribution, enshrining a comprehensive mandate.”


The crux of this commitment is rooted in compliance, ensuring that the conduct of businesses adheres to regulations and mitigates the adverse impacts of alcohol consumption. Bodibe-Lushaba expressed, “Today is a testament to the resolve to adhere to regulations, guaranteeing that business operations are conducted in a manner that aligns with ethical standards. This dedication extends further to mitigating the adverse consequences of alcohol, including abstaining from selling to individuals who are prohibited, such as those below the age of 18.”

Moreover, she accentuated that this commitment resonates beyond individual enterprises; it serves to foster a harmonious coexistence with neighbouring businesses and communities, curbing any potential disruptions.

Bodibe-Lushaba candidly addressed the journey leading to the pledge’s culmination, revealing challenges faced by the Gauteng Liquor Board. Amidst these challenges, community concerns emerged, encompassing complaints about excessive noise emanating from liquor traders, trading extending beyond stipulated hours, and the sale of alcohol to underage individuals.

With the pledge, a clarion call resounds a clarion call for responsible and conscientious trade practices. The pledge emerges as a beacon to illuminate a path where traders embrace a heightened sense of responsibility. It also extends its significance to consumers, acknowledging the potential harms associated with alcohol. Bodibe-Lushaba emphasised the responsibility of those who choose to consume alcohol to remain vigilant of the potential risks and to exercise judiciousness while indulging.

Angela Russel, representing the Drinks Federation of South Africa, found contentment in unfolding the day’s events. Acknowledging the historical role of the liquor industry within South Africa, she underlined its contribution to the national economy. This sector significantly contributes to socio-economic growth and GDP, employing approximately half a million individuals. The event manifested her support for the Gauteng Liquor Board’s noble mission—to curtail the detrimental consequences of alcohol misuse and to obliterate the shadow of the illicit and illegal alcohol trade.


In his keynote address, Premier Lesufi reaffirmed his commitment to augment the presence of compliance officers within the liquor industry. His declaration carried a resolute intention to uphold the standards and ethics of the sector.

“We are embarking on a transformative journey within the industry,” Lesufi pronounced. He spotlighted the sobering statistic indicating that over 70% of violent crimes, including gender-based violence, stem from alcohol consumption. With unwavering determination, he conveyed the collective responsibility to address this issue. Balancing regulation with industry preservation, he highlighted that the objective is not eradication but responsible regulation.

With enthusiasm, Lesufi championed the aspiration of a nation defined by responsibility, asserting, “We cannot be a nation of intoxicated individuals; we aspire to be a nation of conscientious and responsible drinkers.”

Lesufi extended gratitude to the assembled stakeholders, acknowledging their collective role in upholding the tenets of the newly ratified pledge. He recognised the potency of collaboration in eradicating illegal alcohol sales and fostering compliance. Firmly, he proclaimed the termination of tolerance for lawlessness within the industry, affirming the province’s resolute stance.

Source: Lesufi wants to straighten liquor industry


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Photo: Supplied by Southern Courier

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