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Brothers Bike From Boksburg to Italy for Mental Health Awareness



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In a bid to raise awareness about mental health, two brothers, Martin van der Vyver and Clinton Delport, are embarking on a remarkable 18,000km bike ride from Boksburg to Italy.

The journey will commence on August 5 at MotoMate, and they are encouraging anyone with a bike to join them for the send-off, aiming for a spectacle of thousands of bikes on that day.

Participants will gather at the location and enjoy breakfast together. At 11:00, the brothers will begin their ride to their first destination, Botswana. Some bikers will accompany them to Botswana, while others will turn back before reaching the border.

Martin and Clinton will traverse 20 countries, including Namibia, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, riding BMW R1250 GS Adventure and BMW R1200 GS Adventure motorcycles. Martin estimates that it will take them 55 days to reach their final destination.

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“We want to create suicide awareness and combat the daily struggles people face. We want to convey the message that depression is real and should not be trivialised. Statistics reveal that around 70% of suicides are by men,” explained Martin, who is a businessman.

Recognisings the need for support, Martin has established a support group called “Back a Brother” on WhatsApp and Facebook. The group aims to motivate and assist individuals in their battles.

The brothers’ decision to embark on this journey was inspired by the tragic loss of one of Martin’s employees, who took his own life at a guesthouse in Boksburg North on March 3.

Having planned the trip for approximately three months, Martin chose Italy due to its captivating beauty. As the departure date draws near, he admits to feeling a mix of nerves and excitement for the upcoming adventure.

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Finding safe accommodations and fuel stations will be their primary challenge. They anticipate mostly camping in tents for their overnight stays.

The brothers have garnered significant support from their family, friends, and community members, who have offered well wishes for their journey.

After their epic ride, Martin and Clinton will not undertake the long road back to South Africa. Instead, they will fly home while having their bikes shipped. Clinton, explaining his decision to join his brother on this adventure, expressed his desire to provide assistance and support, especially given the personal loss Martin experienced.

The brothers expressed their gratitude to sponsors MotoMate, Bike Shop Boksburg, Auto Alpina, and BMW Motorrad East Rand for their generous support in sponsoring equipment such as tires.

For those interested in contributing to support the brothers on their journey, further details can be found at


Source: Brothers to bike from Boksburg to Italy for mental health awareness

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Photo: Supplied by Boksburg Advertiser

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