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Capitec bank apologises for technical glitch – Is your money safe?



Capitec Bank has issued an apology after a recent technical glitch

Capitec Bank has issued an apology after a technical glitch left some of its customers unable to view their balance on the bank’s app on payday, as per TimesLIVE. Many Capitec customers took to social media to express their frustration that their salaries were not reflected on the app on Tuesday, which is payday for many people.

Although some customers saw zero balances on the app, Capitec assured users that their money was safe and they could still use their cards to pay for purchases. Additionally, debit orders were not affected by the issue. Capitec’s app team resolved the problem, and the bank apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Capitec Bank has faced technical issues on payday before. For example, in September of last year, some account holders reported that someone had used their cards for retail store purchases in the early morning hours, and others said that someone had made cashback purchases without their knowledge. Capitec explained that these deductions were due to a technical glitch.

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