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Casseldale’s Sewage Crisis Remains Unresolved




Casseldale residents are facing a distressing sewage problem as raw sewage continues to flow down Flyer Road for nearly a year, with no lasting solution in sight. Community leader André van Heerden, a member of the CPSF (Community Police Sub Forum) Casseldale, expressed frustration, stating that sewage leakage has worsened over the years, causing the sewage to seep into people’s yards and creating an unsanitary situation.

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The residents fear a potential cholera outbreak and are concerned about the negative impact on the local wetland and animals.

The sewage issues in Casseldale are linked to a pump station on private property, according to Ward 76 Clr Mike du Toit.

Access to the pump station has been obstructed due to the landowner’s refusal, citing unresolved disputes with the energy department and accusations of sewage dumping.


Despite attempts to find a compromise through meetings, the situation remains unresolved, prompting the involvement of the health department and legal department in seeking a court order to address the problem.

Landowner Franco D’Arrigo maintains that he is not responsible for the sewage system and has been denied access to sewer trucks on his property.

He claims that sewage flows freely onto his land, causing harm to his cattle and devaluing his property. D’Arrigo has been trying to resolve the issue with the council for over seven years, but his efforts seem to have yielded no results.

Source: Caseldale sewage crisis nowhere near resolved

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