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Bryanston Country Club’s Small Business Networking



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The National Small Business Chamber organised a breakfast event in Sandton, bringing together over a hundred South African small business owners for networking opportunities. Experian, an international data analytics and consumer credit reporting company, presented at the event, highlighting its support for small businesses.

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The networking event took place on July 21 at the Bryanston Country Club. One of the attendees was Eugene Parsons, the managing director of Cognosys, a company specialising in digitising operational processes to modernise businesses. Parsons emphasised their focus on business process automation, streamlining operations and making organisations more efficient by letting systems handle mundane tasks.

Jaco van Jaarsveld, the head of commercial strategy and innovation at Experian in South Africa, was the keynote speaker. Van Jaarsveld stressed the pivotal role of small businesses in South Africa’s economy, describing them as the crux and heartbeat of the nation’s business landscape. He underscored the importance of investing in youth entrepreneurship, as a significant portion of the youth remains unemployed. Van Jaarsveld believes that educating and empowering young entrepreneurs will drive the economy’s future success. He emphasised the need for small businesses to drive change and innovation, asserting that relying solely on corporate or government initiatives is insufficient.

Experian collaborates closely with the National Small Business Chamber to support entrepreneurs. Van Jaarsveld explained that they actively seek feedback from small businesses to understand their needs better. Using this information, Experian develops tailored solutions, which they offer to small business owners free of charge. These solutions automate tasks and simplify operations, ultimately reducing administrative burdens for entrepreneurs. The core objective is to ease setting up and managing a business, allowing small business owners to focus on growth and success.


Source: Bryanston Country Club hosts networking opportunity for small business owners

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Photo: Supplied by the Sandton Chronicle

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