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Service Delivery Shortcomings in the City of Joburg



Service Delivery Shortcomings in the City of Joburg

As a resident of the City of Joburg, also known as “The World Class African City,” I must express my concern about the current state of service delivery under the current administration. It is disheartening to see that the level of service across the city has hit a low point while residents are burdened with exorbitant tariffs despite the lack of adequate services.

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A simple glance at some of our streets in the City of Joburg reveals the dire situation. Joburg Water leaves Burst pipes and water leaks unattended, causing inconvenience and even turning some areas into potential waterways requiring gondolas to navigate.

City Power’s inability to meet stipulated turnaround times for providing power adds to the frustration. Residents face prolonged periods without electricity, impacting their daily lives and sometimes leading to food spoilage due to defrosting in fridges and freezers during hot summer months.

The situation with JRA (Johannesburg Roads Agency) is no better, with potholes left unfilled, creating a “putt-putt” like experience for drivers. Similarly, Joburg Water’s repair work leaves holes unfilled and streets unreinstated, adding to residents’ challenges.


While acknowledging that the DA-led administration might not have been perfect, there was a sense that they were progressing in transforming the city into a shining crown jewel. However, the current state of service delivery calls for urgent attention and improvement to restore the city’s reputation and residents trust.

Source: Lack of service delivery in the City of Joburg

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