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MacG’s Sweet Proposal at ‘Podcast and Chill’ Event [Video]



MacG's Sweet Proposal at 'Podcast and Chill’ Event [Video]

Renowned podcaster MacG celebrated a momentous milestone at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria on Sunday evening. The event was a sold-out extravaganza held to commemorate ‘Podcast and Chill’, reaching an impressive one million subscribers on YouTube. The evening was filled with excitement as popular performers like Robot Boii and Mpho Popps graced the stage with their captivating dance and comedy acts, respectively as reported by IOL.

However, the true highlight of the night was when MacG surprised everyone by getting down on one knee to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Naledi. Emotions ran high as MacG expressed his deep affection for Naledi, stating, “She’s the only woman I’ve been through who loved me when I didn’t have a show and I was a nobody. Man, the stories that I can tell you about this lady, she’s f***** incredible.”

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For those who couldn’t be present at the event, entertainment commentator Phil Mphela provided a detailed account of the proceedings on Twitter, keeping the online community engaged throughout the celebration. He even shared a heartwarming video of the momentous proposal, captioning it with excitement, “HAPPENING NOW: MacG proposes to Naledi …and she says yes!!! And the chillers approve !!!!! #PodcastAndChill #RoadTo1Million.”

MacG, deeply moved by the presence of all his loved ones, decided to seize the moment and propose in front of the cheering crowd. Taken aback by the unexpected gesture, Naledi covered her mouth in shock and took a few steps back as the audience erupted in joy.


With a trembling voice, MacG continued, “Naledi, may I please spend the rest of my life with you?” All eyes were on Naledi as the entire arena held its breath, eagerly awaiting her response.

After a few heart-pounding moments, the crowd burst into cheers and chants of “Yes, yes, yes.” Overwhelmed with emotion, Naledi went down onto her haunches before finally standing up and walking towards MacG. She extended her hand, and he tenderly slipped the engagement ring onto her finger, sealing their Love in an unforgettable moment of unity and happiness.

The engagement news spread like wildfire on social media, and well-wishes poured in for the couple. @xoli_ka_lindi shared, “Love is a beautiful thing man 🥰. Congratulations to them and wish them a lifetime of joy, good health, wealth, and peace.”

MacG’s celebratory event marked a remarkable achievement for his podcast and became a symbol of Love and commitment, captivating the hearts of his fans and supporters.


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Photo: Facebook / @Mac G

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