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City Power Initiates Disconnection Drive Aimed at Defaulting Businesses



disconnection drive

City Power has intensified its efforts to tackle defaulting businesses by embarking on a disconnection drive targeting major power consumers supplied by its Alexandra Service Delivery Centre. During the operation, several companies, including a stadium in Illovo and a gym facility in Melrose, faced disconnection due to millions in unpaid bills, as per EWN.

The utility has not only thwarted some businesses from paying their bills but also forced some power generation entities to cut the supply since they are bankrupt. The speaker, Zeke Mangena of the City Power Corporation, insisted that the planet needed strict extremes for businesses, including them, to pay for the power they use precisely.

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“The matter that is disturbing is that the businesses are required to undertake extreme measures to be paid, just to do the right thing.” City Power suppliers are expected to continue removing their connection gears to those clients who cannot afford to pay for the services they receive.
This is not sustainable and affects the entity’s liquidity,” Mangena stated.

As City Power seeks to enforce accountability and sustainability in its operations, the disconnection drive underscores the importance of prompt payment for services rendered. Defaulting businesses are urged to fulfil their obligations to avoid disruptions in service delivery and maintain the viability of essential utilities in Johannesburg.


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