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City Power Discovered Another Body at Johannesburg Substation



City Power commended the arrest of cable thieves

City Power technicians found another body at a substation in Johannesburg on Thursday, adding to the grim toll of suspected cable thieves who have lost their lives in recent days. news24 reports that the body was discovered at the Central Substation in the inner city while the team responded to an outage.

The incident appears to result from vandalism, which City Power believes led to the death of the suspected cable thief. In a social media post, City Power stated that the infrastructure at the substation had been vandalised, and it suspected the deceased individual to be one of those responsible for attacking and damaging electricity infrastructure across Johannesburg.

This recent discovery follows two other tragic incidents earlier in the week. Technicians responding to an outage in Nancefield, Lenasia, found a burnt body beyond recognition inside a trench where a cable had been dug up. Similarly, on Tuesday, technicians responding to a power outage in Ferndale, Randburg, came across another body.

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City Power has strong suspicions that all three individuals who lost their lives were involved in vandalising the power utility’s infrastructure. The utility has been grappling with a surge in vandalism incidents, recording 15 cases between last Friday and Tuesday. Six were in Randburg, seven in Roodepoort, and two in Lenasia.


These incidents are a stark reminder of the dangers and consequences of cable theft and infrastructure vandalism. City Power is calling for heightened vigilance and cooperation from the public to help curb these criminal activities and protect the integrity of the city’s electricity supply.

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Picture: Twitter / CityPowerJhb

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