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City Power to Audit and Upgrade Meters in Naturena



City Power

City Power Reuven Service Delivery Centre (SDC) officials will be conducting meter audits and replacements in Naturena (Exts 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, and 26) at no cost to customers as part of the token identifiers (TID) rollover project.

According to spokesperson Isaac Mangena, the TID resetting involves replacing non-smart meters with new technology meters since the old technology meters will stop accepting credit tokens by November 2024, as the available numbers will run out.

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This initiative will also include recalibrating all smart pre-paid meters to ensure TID compliance. The installation of smart meters will assist in reducing the impact of load-shedding on residents. With these meters, City Power can implement load-limiting measures when required by Eskom or during critical consumption levels.

The program aims to provide smart meters to unmetered customers, particularly those in non-affluent areas, allowing City Power to monitor and control the load during load-shedding. The smart meters enable bi-directional communication, facilitating better remote communication with customers.


While the meter audits and replacements are currently free of charge, City Power warns that any customers found tampering with the newly installed meters or refusing to reset them for TID compliance will face disconnection. Reconnection will require payment of a fee and recovery for the period of loss.

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City Power appeals to residents for their cooperation and requests access to their properties during the implementation of this task.

Customers who have electricity units on their meters during the replacement process will receive refunds corresponding to the units on the meter.

City Power is aware of the trend of criminals using counterfeit meter reading credentials to gain entry to residential homes and rob unsuspecting customers.


To ensure security, City Power advises customers to remain vigilant and only allow authorised City Power contractors to perform work. Contractors should possess a valid card with the following details:

  • Name and surname of the card bearer
  • ID photo of the card bearer
  • Expiry date (expired cards are not authorised for City Power network work)
  • Name of the contracted company to City Power
  • No contractor should use another person’s ID card
  • Green ID cards are for meter readers, and turquoise cards are for meter maintenance or installation.

If customers are uncertain about the legitimacy of an installer, they can verify the contractor’s credentials by calling City Power at 011 490 7553/7911.

City Power emphasises the importance of customer safety and requests their cooperation throughout this process.

Source: City Power pleads for access in meter audit

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Photo: Supplied by Southern Courier

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