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Prepare for a Chilly Spell: Cold Weather Approaching Gauteng




According to Gauteng Weather’s Twitter page, temperatures are expected to plummet starting Thursday, June 29. Gauteng residents are advised to gather their hot water bottles and extra blankets as a cold snap is set to hit the region.

Thursday’s forecast indicates a minimum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius. However, Friday will bring even colder conditions that will make anyone yearn for the warmth of summer.

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On Friday, temperatures are predicted to drop further, with a minimum of 1 degree Celsius and a maximum of only 15 degrees Celsius.

Expect mostly cloudy skies throughout these few days, although a glimpse of sunshine is anticipated on Friday. Stay prepared and dress warmly to brace yourself for the upcoming chilly weather in Gauteng.


Source: Brrr-ace yourself: Cold snap on it’s way

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