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Concerns Rise over R55 in Foley, Deppe, Kyalami



The intersection of R55 and Kenilworth Road between Midrand and Kyalami has witnessed numerous accidents, tragically resulting in fatalities.

In an attempt to find lasting solutions to tackle this issue, the board of directors of Kyalami Estate, Paul Johnston, the manager of Kyalami Business Park, and Abigail Ndlovu, the regional director of Region A, convened a meeting with Ward 94 councillor David Foley and Annette Deppe from Ward 132.

On May 29, the group gathered outside the estate to discuss various challenges, including speeding, illegal parking by taxis on the wrong side of the road at the intersection, and the presence of unauthorised traders.

Jade Harris, the manager of Kyalami Estate, expressed concern, stating, “Every two weeks, we witness a serious fatal accident at this intersection. It is crucial that we work together as a collective to resolve these issues. We need long-term solutions that address traffic calming measures and encourage a change in human behavior.”

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Deppe added, “R55 is a provincial road, and we have held numerous meetings with the Department of Roads and Transport. However, the growth of taxis and taxi associations in this area has increased significantly.” She also highlighted the issue of taxis obstructing the estate’s entrance.

Ndlovu emphasised, “It is important to note that trading on a provincial road is not permitted. As the Region A team, we will collaborate to find sustainable solutions to the road challenges.”

Following the meeting, the group visited the illegal traders present in the area. Foley, who had previously conducted inspections alongside JMPD officials, stated, “I have warned all the hawkers here that trading in this location is illegal. I provided them with an opportunity to gather their belongings, but it appears that some have not complied. I have given them a fair chance.”

The meeting marked a step towards addressing the concerns surrounding R55, with stakeholders determined to work together and seek viable resolutions.

Source: R55 a concern for Foley, Deppe, Kyalami estate and business park


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Photo: Supplied by Midrand Reporter

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