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Eikenhof Pump Station of Rand Water Restored to Full Capacity



After experiencing a power outage at City Power’s Orlando power station in the early hours of Thursday morning, Rand Water’s Eikenhof pump station is now operating at full capacity. The power disruption had a ripple effect on Johannesburg Water’s infrastructure, but steady progress is being made towards recovery.

Nolwazi Dhlamini, the external communications officer at Johannesburg Water, advised customers that although the Eikenhof system is recovering, it will take some time for the affected reservoirs and towers to stabilise fully. However, customers in areas directly supplied by the pump station have had their water restored.

Johannesburg Water is closely monitoring the impacted reservoirs and towers and is taking measures to mitigate the situation. Alternative water supply is being provided to critical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, and schools. Customers are encouraged to reduce their water consumption to essential needs during this period.

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There is no estimated timeline for the full recovery of the system, and Johannesburg Water will continue to closely monitor the situation. To expedite the recovery, several reservoir outlets have been closed, and specific tower pumps have been isolated due to low reservoir levels. Further updates will be provided as the situation improves.


The following Johannesburg Water towers and reservoirs have been significantly impacted:

  • Crown Gardens reservoir and tower: The reservoir outlet has been closed, and the tower is empty.
  • Brixton reservoir and tower: The outlet is closed, and the tower is empty.
  • Honeydew reservoir and tower: Both systems are critically low, nearing empty.
  • Crosby reservoir: The reservoir is empty.
  • Hursthill 1 and 2 reservoirs: Levels are critically low, nearing empty.
  • Aeroton reservoir: The outlet is closed.
  • Constantia tower: Tower pumps are isolated, and the tower is empty.
  • Florida North Tower: Tower pumps are isolated, and the tower is empty.
  • Eagle Nest reservoir: Reservoir is critically low, nearing empty.
  • Linden Tower: The tower is empty, and no supply has been received from Rand Water.

Source: Rand Water’s Eikenhof pump station back on full load

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