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Don’t Risk Your Life! Councillor Warns Against River Rituals in the Community



Councillor Mgcini Tshwaku urges residents to refrain from rituals at river streams to avoid drowning incidents

Councillor Mgcini Tshwaku has called on residents to avoid performing rituals at river streams to prevent drowning incidents. Tshwaku, representing the local ward, urged residents to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents.

In particular, Tshwaku warned against performing church rituals at rivers and streams. According to The Citizen, there is a concern that drowning incidents among churchgoers may occur while performing baptismal rituals.

“We are saying to them that please take precautionary safety measures. We don’t want our people to drown. So, the aqua unit and the emergency services know the hotspots, so we don’t have to be reactive, we must be proactive,” Tshwaku said.

Tshwaku also highlighted the recent cholera outbreak in the area, emphasising the need for residents to take extra precautions around water sources. The local emergency services and aqua unit have been alerted to the potential danger. They are working to prevent any further incidents.

Residents should be mindful of the risks associated with water activities and take appropriate safety measures when engaging in any activities near water sources. With the safety of residents being a top priority, Tshwaku is hopeful that the community will heed his advice and take the necessary steps to avoid any unfortunate incidents.


See the video below featuring Councillor Tshwaku courtesy of Joburg Public Safety via Twitter:

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Picture: Twitter / CityofJoburgEMS

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