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Criminals Target Urban Farmers in Gauteng, Threatening Food Security



Criminals target urban farmers in Gauteng

Criminals target urban farmers in Gauteng. Farmers are grappling with escalating crime challenges that threaten their livelihoods and undermine food security in urban areas. While overall crime statistics in Gauteng have shown a slight decline, this provides little solace to farmers trying to put food on the tables of their communities.

According to Food for Mzanzi, Nomusa Ncube, a rooftop farmer in Alexandra, an area known for its high crime rates, has experienced theft, crop destruction, and stealing tools and seeds. Her farm was substantially impacted when criminals broke into their container, leaving them bereft of vital equipment and resources.

Like many urban areas, Alexandra contends with various criminal activities, including theft, robbery, and property crime. Ncube has attempted to secure her property with razor fences but has found them ineffective. She believes having a security guard on-site or constructing a secure sleeping area could deter criminals.

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The Gauteng province grapples with crime, contributing significantly to the country’s overall crime statistics. While specific crime categories have seen marginal improvements, they may seem insignificant to ordinary citizens but signify progress for law enforcement.


Meanwhile, urban farmer Nkosingphile Mvubu in Gugulethu, Western Cape, highlighted that while crime is a concern, attacks on food gardens are relatively rare unless they involve internal disputes among farmers. Nevertheless, safeguarding farming tools remains critical, adding financial burden to already costly urban farming endeavours.

Mvubu emphasized the importance of urban farmers collaborating to protect their produce, as many break-ins are believed to be inside jobs. These challenges underscore the need for comprehensive security measures to ensure urban farmers can continue contributing to local food security.

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