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Trevor Noah’s R33 Million Deal to Promote South Africa as Tourist Hotspot



Trevor Noah's R33 Million Deal to Promote South Africa as Tourist Hotspot

Trevor Noah’s involvement in a R33 million promotional campaign to boost South Africa’s tourism industry has stirred controversy, leading to calls from parliamentarians to reevaluate the venture.

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South Africa’s Minister of Tourism, Patricia de Lille, clarified that the financial responsibility for this campaign lies with the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA), with no taxpayer funds allocated to it. She addressed concerns raised by Tandi Mahambehlala, the chairperson of the tourism committee, who had alleged that public funds were being used for the project.

De Lille refuted these claims, stating that the project is privately funded and has been developed in collaboration with various tourism stakeholders. She emphasised the importance of thorough investigation when whistleblower claims arise but assured that the private sector entirely supports the venture.

De Lille encouraged those seeking more information about the collaboration with Trevor Noah to contact the tourism council for clarification.


In response to these developments, Tandi Mahambehlala drew parallels between the current promotional campaign and a previous controversial marketing deal involving Tottenham Hotspur, which was ultimately cancelled. Earlier this year, SA Tourism faced criticism for considering a £42.5 million, three-year deal with Spurs.

Mahambehlala cautioned SA Tourism against utilising Tourism Marketing South Africa levies, contributed by the TBCSA, for questionable financial practices, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in such initiatives.

Source: Trevor Noah to receive R33 million to promote SA as top tourist destination

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Photo: Twitter / @Patricia de Lille

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