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Tshwane Dwellers Urged to Submit Meter Readings Before Looming Deadline



deadline for meter readings submissions for Tshwane dwellers

The deadline for meter readings submissions for Tshwane dwellers is approaching, and the municipality has urged residents to take action to avoid the City of Tshwane overcharging them. Failure to submit their readings would result in the metro having to estimate consumption, leading to potential overcharging. Local ward councillors, David Farquharson and Shaun Wilkinson, have advised community members to stay informed about the designated submission dates, which the municipality has shared on social media.

For any billing queries, residents are encouraged to utilise the Zoom platform created by the municipality for seamless customer interaction. This platform is a direct communication channel for critical services such as account and billing queries, correction of estimations, credit control, assistance with repayment arrangements, and reporting water leakages and faulty electricity meters. It also addresses indigent-related questions and registrations.

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Councillor Shaun Wilkinson stressed the importance of timely submissions to prevent overcharging and the subsequent need for dispute resolution. By complying with the meter readings submission, residents not only avoid potential overcharges but also gain insights into their electricity consumption, enabling better monitoring and management of their usage.

The Tshwane municipality aims to provide convenience to its residents through these initiatives while ensuring transparency in the billing process. With the submission deadline approaching, residents should take prompt action to ensure accurate readings and avoid any unnecessary financial burdens.


Source: Deadline looms for submission of meter readings for Tshwane dwellers

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Picture: Facebook / The City Of Tshwane Load shedding Schedule

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